Used Insulated Shipping Containers for Sale

Insulated (or non-operational) Containers are decommissioned Refrigerated Containers that are no longer operating and whose repair is deemed non cost-effective. They retain a high standard of quality given their original, meticulous manufacture and are still guaranteed wind, water and vermin proof so offer the ideal solution to partial temperature management without the cost or requirements associated with Refrigerated Containers. To discuss how you can benefit from one of our Insulated Containers, contact one of the friendly team at Shipping Containers Brisbane today!

Types and Sizes

The Insulated Containers from Shipping Containers Brisbane are the perfect option for storing or transporting goods that need temperature steadiness rather than complete cooling. Their insulating properties mean that internal temperatures are maintained and extreme weather conditions are nullified. This makes them perfect for short-term food transport; long-term storage of wine, books and leather; or the ideal container home, office or workspace. There are two sizes available, 20ft and 40ft. Sizing is impressive with the 20ft (6m long, 2.4m wide and 2.5m tall) and 40ft (12m long, 2.4m wide and 2.5m tall) containers having space for whatever storage, shipment or modification desires you may have. Need a little extra space? We also stock High Cube Insulated Containers for extra room while maintaining the same footprint. Chat to one of our team today about how an Insulated Container could benefit you, or get more information about what container is best for you.

Quality and Pricing

Although the refrigeration properties have been decommissioned, the Insulated Containers we sell still boast optimal quality and performance for users. With insulation throughout (75mm polyurethane foam) and an external steel shell, the Insulated Container is able to keep stored items approximately 5 degrees cooler or warmer during Summer or Winter months, avoiding excessive exposure to dramatic temperature changes. Moreover, if you want a full refurbish, our state of the art production line will buff and re-coat the container so it presents aesthetically perfectly and looks good on any site. For further information and price guides, contact one of our friendly team today or submit a quote request above and we’ll get in touch!

Delivery and Supply

Boasting Australia wide delivery, there is no site location in Brisbane or QLD that is out of reach. Just make sure you’ve got a flat surface to lay the container on and Shipping Containers Brisbane will handle the rest – choosing the most cost-effective, efficient and safest delivery method for your particular site. We also offer same day dispatch in the majority of cases so you’ll have your shipping container delivered exactly when you need it. So what are you waiting for? If you need to manage the temperature of the goods you store or transport, but don’t want to commit to the price or energy requirements of a refrigerated container, then the Insulated Container is your best bet! Contact our team to find out more today!

2 Insulated container sizes to choose from

20 ft Insulated Containers

Our 20‘ (or 6 m) insulated shipping containers are made with strong Corten steel, and are used to keep consistent temperatures due to their insulation properties.

40 ft Insulated Containers

Our 40‘ (or 12m) insulated shipping containers are useful for people requiring a larger insulated container to store their goods at consistent temperatures.

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