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Buying, leasing or modifying a shipping container in Brisbane for the home or the workplace has never been easier. Get a quote today!


New and used shipping containers for sale or hire in Melbourne

Find a vast range of shipping containers for sale or hire throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Buy or lease through our site at competitive prices. From brand new to second-hand containers, to specially modified units, we have containers to suit every purpose.

Explore our vast range of shipping containers

Beyond the ever-popular “general purpose” shipping containers, we also offer high cubes and side opening containers. If you require refrigeration or an insulated container, or even one designed to handle dangerous goods, we can accommodate you.

Beyond the ever-popular “general purpose” shipping containers, we also offer high cubes and side opening containers. If you require refrigeration or an insulated container, or even one designed to handle dangerous goods, we can accommodate you.

Our Sydney shipping containers come in three standard sizes: 10ft20ft and the 40ft. Find yours today and take advantage of our fast-friendly service and low prices..

General Purpose

10ft  20ft  40ft

General purpose shipping containers are the most well-known and recognised containers in use today. Used to transport goods and cargo by sea and land, they‘re strong, watertight, and incredibly durable.

High Cubes

10ft  20ft  40ft

High cube shipping containers are similar to standard, general purpose shipping containers, and offer all the  durability and security. Their difference lies in the extra height they offer a whole extra loot.

Side Opening

20ft  40ft

Side opening shipping containers are modified containers that make it easier to access your goods and stored items doors positioned on the side. They come standard in a 20 loot size.


20ft  40ft

Refrigerated shipping containers are ideal to transport and store goods that require reliable temperature-controlled facilities When shipping or storing meat, cheese, dry or seafood, a refrigerated container is a must-have.


20ft  40ft

Unlike refrigerated containers, which have a power source and controlled temperature range, insulated containers rely on their insulation properties to maintain a steady temperature throughout.

Dangerous Goods

10ft  20ft

Dangerous goods containers are a must have if your company needs to store potentially hazardous goods 
weatherproof and secure features of shipping containers protect all sorts of items.

Buying a shipping container in Melbourne

We are a leading shipping containers supplier to Melbourne, we cater to a variety of uses in new, used and custom modified shipping containers. Our containers come in three standard sizes of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft and our fast, efficient and friendly customer service ensures you’ll receive a reply to your enquiry quickly and we’ll endeavour to deliver your container in a timely manner.


“The process of buying a container was seamless. They took the time to find out our needs and budget and organised everything for us right through delivery and installation. If you’re buying a shipping container in Brisbane, why go anywhere else?”

– P DOLBY, BT CX Manager

Buying New Shipping Containers

In need of a New shipping container in pristine condition? Then a “new shipping container” is right for you! We’ll deliver the new container of your choice ready for use anywhere in and around Melboutne and Victoria. Browse our collection to determine the type you’re after. Here’s what you can expect from a new shipping container:

  • Single trip into Australia
  • Great tax depreciation
  • A vast range of colours
  • A Massive Range of Great
  • Comes with a complimentary lock-box
  • Delivery Australia-wide

Buying Used

The used shipping containers we have for sale come in many grades with pricing to suit any budget and types to cater to many purposes. All our used containers are built to stand the test of time and what the Melbourne/Victorian weather can unleash. Each container is thoroughly checked to ensure you receive a quality item. All our used shipping containers are:

  • Durable and well-built
  • Economical
  • Dry and safe
  • Lockable
  • Weatherproof

Shipping Container Hire Melbourne

We not only sell containers; we also lease them. Many of our customers opt for this option as renting on a short-term basis often proves to be a cheaper alternative to buying outright. For those with short term needs and limited budgets, a container rental makes senses.

Simply call our friendly customer service team on 03 8396 5793 to find out more about our simple and fast container hire process!

Can anyone hire a container?

Yes. Though big business and corporations form a large part of our customer base, we are more than happy to hire to individuals or small businesses. If you’re over 18 years of age with the means to pay the rental fee, you can hire a shipping container today.

Container hire or purchase – which is better?

Buying a shipping container is a good option if you are planning to use it for a long time and have a property to store it on. Container hires are an efficient and easy alternative to buying if you’ll be using it for a shorter time period and are looking to spend less (in the short term). Our team will make sure the container is in good condition for delivery and we will come and collect it once you’re done with it. It couldn’t be easier!

3 container sizes to choose from

Whether you’re buying or hiring, our general purpose shipping containers come in three sizes: 10ft shipping containers, 20ft shipping containers, 40ft shipping containers… New shipping containers or Used shipping containers!


10ft Shipping Containers

A 10ft (or 3 m) shipping container is a great option for secure, sturdy storage when you have limited or hard to access spaces. They’re easily transportable and come in a range of colours… in three variations…

20ft Shipping Containers

Our 20ft (or 6m) shipping containers are made with strong steel, offer thick wood flooring and standard double doors that open 270 degrees. They make it easy to keep your items safe and secure!

40ft Shipping Containers

40ft (or 12m) shipping containers are useful for people requiring a container for larger items such as building materials and large amounts of furniture. Handy storage at a reasonable price, that’s our 40-footer!

Hire or Buy with complete confidence

We offer the very best deals on new and used shipping containers, as well as shipping containers available for hire. Great prices and fast deliveries to your door, anywhere in Brisbane and QLD.


Our Promise to you

  • The best prices
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Fast service & delivery
  • Friendly Aussie service
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