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Workshop Shipping Container Modifications Brisbane

Modifying a shipping container for use as a workshop at
home or a workplace in Brisbane has never
been easier. Get a quote now!


Workshop Modification

Whether you need additional space for you hobby at home, or want to create a workout for your business, Shipping Containers Brisbane have a range of containers available and ready for conversion into the perfect, custom workshop to perfectly match you and your business needs. They’re more affordable than construction of a brand new workshop and offer all the benefits of private, well-designed work space.


Types and Sizes

Given our vast range of container types, we have an option to suit any individual needs. We’ve got 10ft, 20ft and 40ft options so whether you need a small or large amount of space, you’re in luck. Our smallest container is 10ft (measuring 3m long, 2.4m wide and 2.5m tall), followed by our 20ft container (which increases container length to 6m) and then our 40ft container (which boasts an impressive 12m length). There are a number of modifications you can make to your container, depending on your personal needs. These include the look, doors and windows, ventilation, ramps, shelving, tables and benches, electrical fitout and storage space – all enabling you create the perfect workshop for your particular needs. Moreover, if you’re working with hazardous materials, you might was to modify one of our specialised Dangerous Goods Containers to keep you and your team as safe as possible.


Quality and Price

A container workshop is an affordable alternative to traditional construction and is totally portable, so it can move with you if you need it to. Most importantly, it’s totally customised to you and your needs, so it is the perfect addition for any business or hobbyist in Brisbane and Queensland. All our containers and container accessories are constructed from the highest quality materials and are built to be robust and durable for the entirety of their life. You can rest assured our containers are safe and secure and will make the perfect workshop space for you and your team.


Delivery and Supply

Good news! We ship Australia wide, so wherever you’re located in Brisbane or QLD, we’ll ship directly to your door. Just make sure you’ve got a flat surface to lay the container on and we’ll handle the rest – organising the most cost effective and efficient delivery method for your particular site. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to design your perfect workshop and start reaping the benefits of a well-organised, totally customised extra space for your business or personal endeavours.


Hire or Buy with complete confidence

We offer the very best deals on new and used shipping containers, as well as shipping containers available for hire. Great prices and fast deliveries to your door, anywhere in Brisbane and QLD.


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